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Famous Lemon Squares

Melt-in-your-mouth buttery shortbread pastry with an addictively delicious tangy lemon topping.

Center cut for consistent texture and flavor.  I trim the crusty edges so that each and every lemon square you enjoy has the same great flavor and texture.

A real crowd pleaser!  These are one of those delightful treats that go well after any meal, or any time you want to dazzle your taste-buds!  Not too heavy, not too sweet.  Just awesome!

Each square is presented in its own white paper sleeve with elegant gold design, which you can proudly serve on your favorite tray or platter.  Also included is a plastic bakery container which snaps shut to keep your pastry fresh, assuming you actually have leftovers!

Gift bag and card available for all occasions.

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Lemon Squares are also called Lemon Bars by some people, but I cut them in squares.  I like how they look and they are a convenient size.  No matter what you call them, my delicious all-natural lemon squares are worthy of sharing with even your most discriminating guests.  Aunty Sue's Lemon Squares have been praised for being the "Best Lemon Squares" and have received rave reviews by the many friends and family I have had the honor of serving them to over the years.  I took our family recipe and tweaked it to perfection, and am proud to offer them to you to enjoy.

When you buy Lemon Squares online or otherwise, you expect them to be the best and so do I.  In my "humble opinion" Aunty Sue's Lemon Squares are the best you can buy!

OK, I admit I am partial, but I bought lemon squares from three other well-known on-line bakeries for my market research.  The first batch arrived five days later and were mediocre at best.  Not one of us who tried them finished an entire one, and we tossed them in the trash. The batch from the second bakery tasted pretty good but the bottom layer had to be thrown away because they were soggy and stuck to the box. The third batch was not even worth tasting.  They arrived as one big blob of mush shrink-wrapped in a foil pan.  None of these three purchases were kept cool during shipping although it was warm summer weather. 

Not only are my gourmet lemon squares fresh and delicious, but they remain that way because they are packed in an insulated container along with a frozen gel pack to keep them from getting warm in transit.  I package them in such a way that they do not stick together or get damaged.  Each one is in its own gold-trimmed wrapper ready to be gobbled up or placed on a buffet at your house, your friend's house, or even the White House! 

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Outrageous Raspberry Squares

Smooth and tangy seedless raspberry filling between layers of buttery sweet oatmeal pastry.

Great for a quick breakfast, snacking, or dessert!

Center cut for consistently delicious flavor.  I trim the crusty edges so that each and every Raspberry Square that you enjoy has the same tasty texture and flavor.

Ready to serve in individual white paper cookie cups with an elegant gold design suitable for even the most upscale events.

Delivered in a reusable clear plastic pastry container with a snapping lid.

These squares are substantial and filling.

Gift bag and card available for all occassions.

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When I was young, I ate a raspberry against my will and was not impressed.  I did not like the look of the fuzz on them and simply did not like the texture of the seeds.  I decided raspberries were not for me and that was that.  As I grew up, raspberry flavored things did not appeal to me at all.  Not too long ago, a friend asked me to bake raspberry squares, and naturally I obliged but I made them seedless just so I could "endure" taste testing them.  I was amazed at how delicious they were!  It was like a whole new raspberry world opened up to me.  Then I tried fresh raspberries for the second time in my life and was blown away by how awesome they really are. 

Raspberry lovers everywhere will adore Aunty Sue's Outrageous Raspberry Squares!  The flavor and texture of the brown sugar and oatmeal pastry balances the smooth, tangy raspberry filling to perfection.  When you buy my Raspberry Squares, they arrive in perfect condition because I package them individually, by hand, to ensure that each one is protected from damage in shipping.  Your pastries are kept chilled (but not frozen) while in transit so that they taste just as fresh and delicious as the moment they were baked.  When your treats arrive, you will find each Raspberry Square (or Raspberry Bar) in its own gold trimmed paper serving cup enclosed in a reusable clear plastic bakery container with a snapping lid, just in case you have left-overs. You will be proud to share them with your friends and family.  You can toss them on a paper plate for the kids afternoon snack, display them on a tray for your most upscale events, or munch on them right from the package.  They are really that versatile and I know you will enjoy every last crumb of my Outrageous Raspberry Squares.

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Sour Cream Coffee Cake
Rich, dense, buttery vanilla coffee cake with a sweet Cinnamon center, with or without crushed walnuts.  Words can not do it justice.  This cake litterally melts in your mouth.  The texture is dense and light all at once.  It is plenty sweet but not in that over-the-top, gooey sweet kind of way.  The vanilla and cinnamon meld beautifully; the scent and flavors are a luxury for your senses.

This is a full-sized Bundt cake that generously serves 8 - 12 people.

Packed in an attractive, reusable plastic cake container with a clear, snap-on domed lid.

It's Not Just for Breakfast!

Despite popular belief, coffee cake can be enjoyed at any time of day.  A traditional breakfast treat, but great for enjoying whenever you feel like indulging yourself and your loved ones. My Mom always served it after dinner, and we would all sit around the table with our coffee, tea or a big glass of cold milk talking and enjoying ourselves for hours.

Gift bag and card available for all occassions. 

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Coffee cake is really under-rated as "a little something" you wash down with your morning coffee. No way!  Despite it's somewhat bland appearance, coffee cake, when done right, can be a fantastic alternative to many other baked goods.  My coffee cake may look like other Bundt-style cakes, but that is the only similarity.  Aunty Sue's Sour Cream Coffee Cake is rich, moist and aromatic.  Unlike other coffee cakes that are burried in a sicky sweet mound of sugar, Aunty Sue's coffee cakes have their stash of sweetness in the center, so it makes it into your mouth instead of onto the floor!

I have tried coffee cakes from the popular coffee shops and purchased coffee cakes online, but they just do not compare to Aunty Sue's, not even close!  So, even if you like other coffee cakes, you still need to try Aunty Sue's!  You will be amazed at how delicious Aunty Sue's Sour Cream Coffee Cakes are!

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